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Zombies Slot

One of the best shows about zombies was certainly The Walking Dead. Seeing this show, it seems NetEnt tried to capitalise on the new-found zombie craze, and they certainly did succeed. Zombies is one of their more entertaining titles, with many prizes to be won in many interesting ways. The game employs Scatters, Floating Wilds and Wild reels, with all this being supported by a prevalent zombie theme. Not only that, but you’ll also be given a chance to shoot a few zombies too, with each zombie shot bringing an instant cash prize. In any case, keep reading and find out more about this awesome game.

Blood n’ Brains

Zombies is a very interesting and engaging video slots. This game is highly unpredictable, which makes it very fun for players, as they never know what kind of prizes await behind every corner. But what makes this game even more fun is the entire zombie theme that gives the game an eerie atmosphere, but very tempting and exploration-provoking none the less.

When it comes to graphics, this game looks great. The five reels with blue letters and number 10, looking as they’ve been painted with spray cans, together with a crossed bloody axe and bat, brains, gas mask and an eye are supported but a background depicting a mall, with an escalator in the foreground. This background is a stage for a bonus game in which you shoot many a zombie with your shotgun. There is also a zombie symbol, which covers the whole reel and represents the Wild reel. There is also a biohazard can that represents the Scatter symbol.

Talking about gameplay, this game relies on 20 paylines and a combination of symbols along these lines. The game also includes bonus rounds and free spins. To unlock free spins, you need to score one or more of the toxic cans that appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. Scoring the Scatter will activate free spins, during which you will be awarded several multipliers. Intermittently, the reels will be gone, and you’ll shoot a few zombies in the mall, with every zombie you shoot bringing you an instant cash prize. Lastly, the game also features a Floating Wild mechanic, which is most interesting and innovative. Every now and then, a few zombies will pop up on your screen screaming, placing wilds randomly throughout your reels, and nearly guaranteeing you’ll win a prize.

Lastly, the interface of the game is pretty standard, and any gambler who’s ever played slots will be very familiar with the game. There is the spin button at the bottom centre, with max bet and auto-spin buttons on each side, as well as coin value and payline adjusters on the far left and right. NetEnt also added the paytable button that explains scatters, free spins and multipliers.


In the end, Zombies is a game everybody should try. However, be prepared for a few jump scares here and there, as this game doesn’t mess around. Even so, souls brave or foolhardy enough to mess with zombies can expect some pretty good prizes.