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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Review

The Witcher has proven itself to be an interesting game with its interesting storyline and exciting gameplay. However, its slow pace and backtracking have been a reason why people eventually stopped playing the game. With the arrival of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, the game developer CD Projekt has been given yet another opportunity to prove itself by offering a better and more enhanced game to the people.

What is The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings?

The Witcher 2 is the successor to the previous Witcher game which was released in 2007. The game features an epic dark fantasy theme which follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, the same protagonist from the first Witcher game, who has been framed for the assassination of a king.

Game Progression

As a Witcher, Geralt is equipped with a variety of advanced combat skills as well as a number of magical abilities. He uses these skills for his quest to search and hunt the real assassin, although he can also use them for carrying out a range of side quests.

Like the previous Witcher game, your choices will affect how the game progresses. However, unlike the previous Witcher game, it’s less about deciding whether you want to head to the good or evil side. Instead, it’s more about simply working your way and getting things done. You are presented a variety of moral choices to be made, and most of the actions you make will have real consequences.

Design and Quality

The Witcher 2 features more advanced graphics than its predecessor and is backed by its superlative storytelling. The game world is vast, and there are tons of secrets waiting for you to unveil. Among these secrets is a huge variety of side quests which introduce you to unexpected events and personalities which help shape the personality of your character.

However, the game’s not entirely accessible. The combat system could be quite challenging compared to the previous Witcher game. The game’s combat-heavy and will require you to think about what you’re doing. The real-time sword swinging action could take time to get used to, and if you try to play it the same way you would with a hack and slash game, you won’t be able to last long. In this game, it’s all about picking your fights, blocking and evading attacks as they come and using your magical abilities to control the crowd of monster heading your way.


  • Challenging combat
  • Rich and detailed game world
  • Excellent storyline
  • Playable in both PC and console


  • Combat could take time to master
  • A few visual glitches and bugs


If you’re an avid RPG fan or have played The Witcher before, then you should definitely try playing The Witcher 2. The game’s rich and immersive world is more than enough to keep you playing for hours on end. Moreover, the fact that it’s available in both PC and console version means that you can have access to the game on your preferred gaming platform. It’s worth getting your hands on this one.