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The Wish Master Slot

NetEnt is one of the best gaming software developers for online gambling, and, so far, they’ve hundreds of games behind them as proof of their excellence. Today, we’ll look at one of their more innovative games in terms of gameplay, The Wish Master. This great game boasts one of the more interesting Scatter mechanics in the slots industry, making this game very much worth a try. Besides that, the game’s got a pretty good payout, although its jackpot leaves a bit to be desired. In any case, dive into our review below, and find out something more about the game.

Make a Wish

Like we said, The Wish Master is one of the more interesting games out there. NetEnt decided to do something a bit different, and, not too surprisingly, it worked. The new scatter mechanic made the game more interesting, dynamic and unpredictable. Now, you can win coins in the most unpredictable and fun ways, with the grand prize being 900.000 coins.

But, let’s say something about the overall looks of the game. The Wish Master is very graphically appealing, as are most NetEnt games. Emerald green hues dominate, making this game very appealing to the eye, and quite gentle if you’re playing late in the night. The symbols are mostly letters of the alphabet, with the wild symbol being the Word “wild” written in a ghostly font. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines, with the Scatter symbol looking like Aladdin’s lamp. There’s also a lamp in the bottom right of the playing screen, and it animates if the Scatter symbol appears. There are also animal-themed symbols, mostly representing a cobra, a tiger, and a bird, with all of them enveloping a differently-coloured gem.

And, now, a bit about that famed Scatter. Unlike most games, it only takes one scatter symbol to appear on the reels for scatter to activate Scatter. When activated, the genie appears from the lamp and throws a shadow spell onto the board. From that moment on, you can expect any symbol to turn into a wild, similar to Floating Wilds, but also similar to many other operating modes. The wild can even lock an entire reel and turn it into a Wild Reel. With that being said, Scatter will only last for 10 spins. Also, there aren’t any bonus games, and there aren’t any free spins.

As for the interface, the game is pretty standard. In the middle is the spin button, with auto-spin and max bet buttons being on the side. The level adjustment arrows are on the left side, with coin value being on the right.


All in all, what you’re looking at is a marvellous slot from NetEnt. Like we said, we’re particularly interested in its Scatter mechanic, as it is truly a rare sight indeed. The game doesn’t impress with its free spins and bonus games, as there are none, but the grand prize of 900.000 coins is more than tempting for players to give a go at The Wish Master.