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The Terminator 2 Slot

One of the most popular action movies of all times is Terminator 2. It was released in 1991, as a sequel of Terminator. It is a science-fiction film by James Cameron, and includes television, films, novels, comics, and additional media. In this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger was on a mission to protect John Connor, instead of killing him. Terminator 2 is an online slot game based on this movie. The games dominated by machines thrill the players and fills them with enthusiasm.

The Thrilling Features of the Terminator 2 Slot

Microgaming has produced fabulous slots that particularly portray the important portions from one movie. Until now, they have released amazing slots based on various movie themes. The Terminator 2 slot was a super hit, since it has a lot to offer to the gamers such as audio, video effects and exclusive game features. The slot also contains an actual clip of the movie, with numerous popular phrases like ‘Hasta la Vista, baby.’ The appearance of the game is mostly metallic and robotic with colors of silver, dark blue and black. The audio and sound effects are taken straight from the movie.

Terminator 2 slot comes with three rows of symbols and five reels. In addition, it offers 243 ways to succeed. You also become eligible for numerous bonus attractions, such as the T-800 vision where you search for targets to get cash prizes. There are free spin features, where you get more than thousands ways to succeed. When you trigger the Free Spin Feature, you will find it extremely enjoyable.

The most distinguishing attribute that can be generated is known a T-800 vision. It pays you cash prizes for symbols such as John Connor, Terminator, Sarah Connor, T-800 and T-1000. Because of this Bonus Feature, T-1000 acts as a highest-paying symbol, even though this is not actually the case. It is important to note that it is only during T-800 vision that T-1000 acts like a highest paying symbol.

The Slot game is also available with the significant ‘wild and scatter’ symbols. The “Energy Ball” symbol represents Scatter. The Free Spin Bonus round is triggered when at least 3 or more Energy Ball symbols are seen on the reels. Alternatively, the wild icon is symbolized by the T2 Symbol. After you stimulate the Free Spins Feature, you will get a compensation of 10 free spins. In addition, the outline of the game changes during this feature and you will get a 5×4 reel set.

The coin size can range from $0.01 to $0.05 and you can gamble up to 10 coins. The highest total bet per spin is $150, which might keep the rollers going.


The Terminator 2 slot is a huge hit among gamers all over the world. People who loved watching the movie will surely enjoy playing this game for the whole day. In addition, it is a slot game that is packed with action, thrills and roller coaster rides. If you have not played it yet, you should definitely give it a go.