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The Go Bananas! Slot

The Go Bananas video slot is powered by NetEnt, and is all about mischievous monkeys. When these monkeys feature on the reels, they transform themselves into wild symbols and bring huge wins. Since there are five types of diverse monkeys, you have ample chances for winning big in this game.  In order to find out more about ways to enjoy this video slot to the fullest, read on.

Go Bananas With Crazy Monkeys

The naughty monkeys are the primary attraction of this game, along with the delectable fruits and bright gems that are found on the display. With each monkey-win, you will see the comical apes really coming to life. Each of the monkeys portrayed in the game have their own distinguishing features and ways to show off their traits. The five types of monkey symbols are: Wild Baboon, Wild Gorilla, Wild Orangutan, Wild Tarsier and Wild Langur. They are all funny and you will enjoy them appearing on reels every now and then.

Each of the wild Monkey symbols has their own quality and winning pattern. The winning pattern decides which symbols will turn into wild symbols. These patterns are:

  • Wild Langur: It transforms a horizontal strip of three wild symbols.
  • Wild Tarsier: It transforms a strip of two wild symbols, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Wild Gorilla: It transforms an X-shape of five wild symbols.
  • Wild Orangutan: It transforms a square of wild four symbols.
  • Wild Baboon: It transforms a vertical strip of three wild symbols.

These wild monkeys help you to make huge wins in the game; however, the free spins feature is regrettably missing. Well, it may not make any difference to your gaming experience, since you will have sufficient opportunities to win big amounts. After every three wins, you will get a winning spin. In addition, you will have a huge win of 700 times your bet. It is worth noting that the highest prized monkeys are Wild Baboons.

You can put the game bet settings to as low as 0.01 or as high as 1.00. In addition, you can trigger 1 to 10 coins for each payline. Since there are 20 paylines so you can trigger at least 200 coins. The jackpot base game is 700 coins; however, the highest amount that you can win is 140,000 coins.

The standard reel symbols included in the game are numerous types of fruit reel symbols, such as a coconut, a Bank Note Symbol, an Ice cream Sundae, and a Statue. You will not find any additional bonus symbols or scatter to play in the Go Bananas video slot.

A huge long-term estimated payout percentage is attached to the Go Bananas video slot game. You will be able to notice this, as you start to play. You will also find manifold formation of winning combination.


The Go Bananas slot is an enjoyable and a high speed game. Initially, you might think that the Go Bananas video slot game looks straightforward, but there are numerous exhilarating milestones to achieve. When you see the monkeys appearing on the reels, you will enjoy playing more and more. The graphics of the slot are thrilling and the audio with jungle music gives you a perfect feel to play.