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The Elder’s Scroll V: Skyrim Review

The Elder’s Scroll universe is huge, and if you have bee following the series for some time then the fifth installment is something you need to get your hands on. The factor that this series has managed to bring is a solid and captivating storyline. The series is telling a story, a well thought out story with an impressive universe to accompany it. It literally draws you in and you can’t help but get invested. If you played Oblivion and were impressed, then Skyrim will not disappoint you. Playing Skyrim might leave you feeling a little nostalgic, you are familiar with the universe but the upgrades and environment changes may feel a little foreign at first.

The new setting is a new province, named, you guessed it Skyrim which is located in the old continent of Tamriel. The plot picks up a whopping 200 years after all the crazy that went down in Oblivion. There has been a war, a massive one, which has resulted in an intense dispute and divide between two factions within the province. This time your lead player is a captured and convicted prisoner who is on his way to face execution, probably by decapitation when through luck he escapes. From this point, your open-world adventure begins, and what you do and get up to is solely up to you.

Reliving the glory days

Skyrim is about to be re-released in 2017, this time on Nintendo. Not many people, especially PS3 players who played the original release in 2011 can forget all the technical glitches that marred this amazing game. We are talking crazy glitches, loading times that could make you question life and frozen frames. But all of this will surely be a thing of the past, with new versions having been released on PS4 and Xbox one.

The improvements are clearly visible. In the special editions, the color saturation is clearly much more defined. It brings the characters to light and makes the surroundings seem sharper and brighter. If you were playing the original releases this can feel a bit overdone. This is probably because your eyes were used to the dimmer more darker colour palette. The screens also load faster and freeze less which all PS3 traumatized players can appreciate.

The Elder’s Scroll has found the perfect balance. Sure, it still holds some of the more simplistic traits, especially in terms of combat and weaponry choices but it’s in those simplicities where all its other traits get to shine through.

All we know is that Skyrim might leave you obsessed. It isn’t the best RPG out there but it surely is one of the most gripping with less violence and profanity that its other RPG counterparts. You might find that getting up to do anything else is harder than you thought it would be. With over 100 hours worth of gameplay and an entire universe filled with mountains high and valleys low, there is not telling what excuses Skyrim will have you making to get out of plans.