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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Review

The Elder Scrolls’ third chapter, Morrowind, allows you to play any type of character you want to. You could either choose to play the typical hero and embark on an epic adventure, or a thief who seeks to rise on the top ranks of his guild. Either way, the choices are almost endless and will depend upon your own preferences. Like various other games in its genre, the actions you make in the game will affect your character.

What is The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind?

Morrowind is the third installment in the strongly popular Elder Scrolls series. It comes with a new standard in role-playing games in addition to its rich details and high quality graphics. The game’s open-endedness is one element which sets it apart among other games. You can find your actions to have an impact on your game world, along with various guilds which react based upon how you interact with them. For example, attacking an assassin from an Assassin’s’ Guild will cause you to get hunted by the members of the entire guild. With such flexibility, you can expect the game to play out differently depending on your actions.

Game Progression

The storyline of the game is quite interesting. You are offered a vast world of unique history followed by a mysterious plot line. You are given the freedom to scour the bookshelves in the search for books depicting the long history of Morrowind and its culture. The problem, however, is that the story lacks an element of excitement. Compared to other story-driven RPGs which allow you to take part in several chains of events, the story in Morrowind is more like that of a dungeon-crawl experience for most of its quests. In spite of that, the game’s deep cultural theme and racial interaction is an excellent reflection of our own world.

Design and Quality

The game features excellent graphics and design. It uses top-of-the-line technology to provide you with some of the most amazing effects in the game. You can find entire cities to aesthetically appealing and the vast open world to be quite detailed-rich. Aside from the graphics, Morrowind also offers players more freedom exploring the game’s vast world than most other RPGs in the market nowadays.

When it comes to combat, Morrowind’s battle system is fully real-time, with each action you perform by pressing one or another button. This is definitely a deviation from the typical target-locking system we see in most PC RPGs and the turn-based system in console RPGs.


  • Vast open world to explore
  • Rich and detailed graphics and gameplay
  • Fun combat system


  • Occasional bugs might be present


Despite The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind being a great game, it isn’t really for everyone. The game’s huge world could take you around a few hours to a hundred to complete. Moreover, some people might find Morrowind’s open-endedness to be quite unfamiliar and confusing.

But in spite of that, the freedom of exploration and the ability to make your choices is what makes the game exciting to a huge audience. If you’re aiming to play a game that allows you to deeply immerse in another world, then you should give Morrowind a try.