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The Dark Knight Rises Slot

There is no doubt that the Dark Knight Rises is one of the greatest movies ever, but it is the eponymous slots game of the same quality? There’s no doubt it is, seeing as its creator is none other than Microgaming. Step once more into the unforgettable experience of Nolan’s third Batman film, and wins some prizes too this time. Watch Batman and Bane thrash one another, and place your bets, as the winner will give you some kind of bonus. In any case, go ahead and read our more detailed review below and find out what to expect from this splendid game.

It Doesn’t Matter Who We Are. What Matters Is Our Plan.

And the plan is to entertain players, as well as reward them. Microgaming set out to create one of the fastest paced games and one that pays out the most. The Dark Knight Rises is one of the most action-packed games, and you’re sure to enjoy spinning the reels and seeing what happens next – like you’re in the theatre all over again.

But this game has more than action and prizes – it’s got style too. The theme is dark and in tune with the Dark Knight, while prominent characters, like Batman, Bane, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Talia al Ghul, and the future Robin (Tim Drake) make up the symbols for the game, along with letters of the alphabet. There is also the bomb Bane tried to detonate, and it represents the Scatter symbol. The game runs smoothly and the reels are very pleasing to the eye, as well as easy on the eye if you’re playing a late-night session.

Like we said, this is an action-packed game. The Dark Knight Rises has a whopping 243 paylines, so you are sure to win something. Floating wilds appear all the time, and, if you don’t score a hit along any line, the symbols will rearrange, giving you crack at getting a hit. On top of that, if you don’t win, there is a chance Bane and Batman will pop out and start to fight, during which you’ll get free spins. And as if that weren’t enough, you can score three Scatters across the reels to trigger either Bane’s Rolling Reels or Batman’s Extra Wild Blast feature both of which will improve your chance of winning cash prizes significantly.

The interface is a little bit different, with the spin button now being located in the lower right corner. Looking from there, there is the win panel that displays your winnings, the bet panel where you adjust your bet, auto-play, coins counter and a view pays button that lets you see what can you win and how to win it.


In the end, The Dark Knight is one of the most impressive Microgaming slots. It is very action-packed with things always happening on screen, and plenty of prizes to be won. Truly, this is a great homage to Batman and a great gift to gamblers from Microgaming.