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Star Wars Jedi Academy Review

Players all around the world have searched online for trusted reviews on games, and that is because it is very important to learn about a game before playing it. That is the reasoning behind this Star Wars Jedi Academy review. There are a lot of games to do with the Star Wars movies out there now, and that is simply because players loved the movies, and the games are fantastic, most of the time. Star Wars Jedi Academy is the only game able to capture the thrill that comes from lightsaber combat.

This game is actually the third game of the series Jedi Knight, some consider to be the fourth because of the 1995 game Dark Forces. However, this game is not too innovative as far as the series goes, simply because they are all too similar. This game was created using the same Quake 3 engine and the elements of gameplay are much the same as those of the previous games. The game does, however, manage to pull all of the fun segments coming from the last games and the games have turned those segments into interesting new developments, really expanding on them in order to create a game that is unique in its own amazing way.

Players will begin Star Wars Jedi Academy as a character named Jaden, who is the new protagonist that has come to the Jedi Academy. Players will be interested in this, simply because they were previously playing their characters as an individual named Kyle Katarn with all of the previous games. The story goes on to say that Kyle has now become a partner to Luke Skywalker and is now teaching with him at the Jedi Academy and is trying to find some students that are new. Players will be able to customize their character in this game. Some of the customizations they are able to do include picking a male or female character, choosing the race, and also picking out outfits to wear. Additionally, players will be the new student who seems to be very promising, more so than the other students of the class. In fact, the player’s character is so talented, they were able to build their own lightsaber and this is strange to others, being that this is usually done during the training of the students.

Unfortunately, the training that Jaden, the player, goes through is a little bit out of the normal, being that it takes place when the transport ship undergoes an attack as soon as it gets to the Academy. The only survivors of the crash that takes place after the attack are the player and Rosh, who is another student of the Academy. Even though the player does make friend with Rosh, they will probably be disappointed in Rosh because he quickly starts to become seemingly jealous of all of the progression and abilities of the player throughout the game. The storyline to the game is pretty amazing and very realistic feeling, almost.

Final Thoughts on Star Wars Jedi Academy

The Star Wars Jedi Academy is quite the game and between the combat, abilities, amazing storyline and overall excitement of the game, players are never going to care about any bugs that come about during the game. All in all, this game is worth the purchase and it is probably one of the best games players will be playing for a long time.