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Mad Max Review

It can be hard these days to find a good game worth playing, and games can be a little bit pricey. That is why players look for game reviews, like this Mad Max Review. When first deciding on whether or not to play¬† Mad Max, players should realize that there is a good reason as to why this game is sometimes a lot like Mad Max: Fury Road and the reason is that it is a canonical prequel which puts the player up against Scabrous Scrotus. Scabrous Scrotus is the son of the movie’s Immortan Joe. The wasteland of the game is considered by players to be very greasy and dusty, a location in which there are mechanical monsters fighting against the beauty that is the desert of the game. In this game, players will play as Max, who is an unlucky wanderer who comes with the past that is terribly troubled.

Players are able to charge across the open roads in their search for the ultimate redemption, fighting against those that will choose to get in their way. Of course, in this wasteland, driving is the center of life. Also, driving is the basis for some of the greatest moments to have come out of this game. Players will find that the mixture of the fascinating world and the amazing car battles are what holds the whole game together and that mixture is what keeps the game is a joy. However, the shallow ground fighting that takes place in the game and also some other issues seem to make this game crash of the road.

In the beginning of Mad Max, players will find that they are in wrong place at a very bad time, when they are attacked by Scrotus and some of his gang, a gang that is composed of war boys. Scrotus and his gang will steal the car from the player and make them have to go with not a lot to their name. However, players get lucky after this, when they cross the paths of a mechanic that is seemingly Gollum-like who goes by Chumbucket (like in Spongebob). This mechanic becomes convinced that the player is a hero that he heard of in a legend, the hero’s name being Angel, and the player will soon realize that the mechanic is very smart when it comes to using wrenches and a harpoon, which does make him seem like the best companion to have within the violent wasteland.

Players will get the chance to go up against some tribes that are very desperate with the help of Chumbucket and they will also be able to attack the forces of Scrotus. While players are doing all of this during Mad Max, they will also be taking on some interesting contracts and start hunting for parts that will go along with their new car, which has already been named Magnum Opus. The main goal of the game is for the player to build a car that is able to go across the void which has been named Plains of Silence. The hope is that once the player reaches their destination, they will find the freedom they have been looking for or find an unwelcome death.

Final Thoughts on Mad Max

Mad Max is a crazy, but thrilling game to play. There really is a great story behind the game, and while it may have its faults, the game is pretty amazing to play.