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Gothic l Review

Playing Gothic 1 in 2017 might feel like you have jumped into some sort of techno time travel machine back to the early 2000’s. This when you will realize how much the RPG universe has upped its game. Gothic is one of the genre’s more classic games. It has some great visuals even for a game that old. It won’t impress you or overwhelm you in any way in this arena but it certainly won’t be overbearingly painful that you can’t play this gem of a game.

Gothic carries a very solid and well-crafted storyline. It is based in a medieval era, think a throwback to kings, queens, swords and massive battles. Gothic is based in the kingdom of Myrtana, where there has been a war uproaring for years. It is essentially a medieval coup. Many have tried to conquer the Kingdom and each and every single rebellion has been silenced and defeated. The only enemy remaining to slaughter are the Orcs. They can most likely be defeated too, the only problem? There are no more soldiers left and the armory is fast running out of weapons and equipment.

Battles, Bravery, and Honor

The protagonist in this story is a convicted criminal, who will remain nameless throughout the Gothic series. After being shoved out of the collapsing prisons and tasked with the daunting escapade of delivering a letter to the head of the Mages he finds himself encountering some tough and challenging opponents on his journey. He literally has to drag himself to land and fight off perpetrators along the way. He is guided through this entire experience by Diego who helps him find his way to the old camp to find the head. Diego is essentially there to help you build your strength, once you have enough power to let’s say, we don’t know, find food for yourself and actually walk on both your legs you can ditch him and follow your own path.

Gothic two is set in the open world theme, so exploration and discovery are the cool factors of this game which allows you to do just that. The more your character develops the more complexity is instilled in his or her personality. Your key character builders are skills and health. Collect as many weapons and equipment to shield and protect yourself from threats. That is the goal, survive and complete your task.

Graphically the game can seem dated at times, which is because it kind of is. If you can, however, overlook all of these small traits then there is a beauty of a game waiting to be played. There is plenty to be discovered in the Kingdom of Myrtana with many locations for your character to explore. The game also follows a night and day cycle, where the nights are freezing cold and shelter and warmth are sought out. Days can range from warm to cold. For a much older game, detailed things such as character facial expressions have been woven into the storyline which makes for a more relatable playing experience. There are however technical glitches that you can expect from time to time, mainly freezing frames, delayed speech and characters talking over each other. The game is all in all a decent and slightly pleasant playing experience. It is after all one of the classics.