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Gothic 3 Review

There are some players out there that have already played the games Gothic and Gothic 2, and those players are in need of some information on the game Gothic 3, and that is why they come to articles like this Gothic 3 review. The first games in the series, Gothic and Gothic 2, gave players a challenge that was served to them in the style of role-playing, however, they had their own technical issues that needed to be fixed and those issues made the games run very badly. Players are unfortunately able to say the same for Gothic 3, even though the developers have fixed some of the bugs within the game. The game still suffers from multiple issues, especially issues that come with running the game on computers that are not very well equipped. However, players should really look past the flaws, because underneath those bugs, there is an amazing game waiting to be played.

Similar to the other games in the series, Gothic 3 puts the players into the role of being a hero who is known for being soft-spoken and adventurous. Players that take the time to play this game will be able to take one road out of the 3 that they are presented with when it comes to having a career, with the choices being archer, wizard, and warrior. The story of the game, which takes place in a nation that has been put into slavery by the evil orc oppressors, may actually prove to be a little bit opaque to some players who have not had the chance to mess around with games of the series that came before this game. Players that have played the previous games have shown their appreciation of the character and item references from the previous games and they have even said so in many reviews of the game. Just as it was in the other games, the player will start the game with no training and they will have many skills at their disposal, but while the players may have it rough in the beginning of the game, they will eventually pick up knowledge and learn how to apply their skills correctly throughout the game.

Gothic 3 has made some improvements to the game that seem to be very helpful to the players, especially those that are new to the game. An example of the changes made for the better is something many players who have played the other games will probably notice right away, and that is that the quests or better defined and are also considered to be more cohesive. The players might actually find themselves getting fewer quests that are for the long-term adventurer and more for the now. Players might find these quests a little bit more exciting than they were in the first games of the series, simply because there will be more monsters to kill.

Final Thoughts on Gothic 3

Gothic 3 is a major improvement over the first two games in its series and there is a lot of fun to be had with the game. All in all, this game will certainly make a lot of players lives a little more exciting and a lot more interesting.