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Gothic 2 Review

There are many players out there that are interested in knowing some of the information about the game Gothic 2 and that is why players need a Gothic 2 review. The game is a single-player role-playing (try to say that 3 times fast) sequel where a player plays a character that is a hero. This hero is forced to battle with a lot of dragons, bandits, and orcs in a world that are in 3D. Being almost exactly similar to the first game in the series, this game makes the player take control of a hero that is soft-spoken from a viewpoint that seems to be the back style and the player must go along with one out of 3 different career paths while they are trying to follow along with the main goal.

The main goal is to prevent getting too badly overtaken by the enemies that were unleashed by a demon who had died, the same exact demon that the player had caused the death of in the first game of the series. Even though the game has a lot of improvements in comparison to that of the first game, it still seems to have retained that clunky 3D control feeling that came with movements in the first game and also has some of the same combat used. Although, if a player is in love with challenges and doesn’t seem to mind games that are a little bit difficult to control, the game is actually pretty fun and exciting.

The story behind Gothic 2 and also the setting of the game, rely on the more, traditional kind of medieval fantasy theme. A player will be able to equip their character in this game with axes, crossbows, fireballs, magic used for healing, and, of course, swords. However, just as it was in the first Gothic game, the player will start off with a character that is not so strong and also very helpless, as is with most games. Although, a player will have to fight in battle in almost all the quests that they are presented with in this game, just as it was with the first game.

This game certainly does not give the players an idea of just how strong their enemies are, which actually makes the game more interesting to some players, or more complicated to others. What does this mean? It means that the player will basically die very often and they will do so in many horrible ways. That is, they will die a lot until they have gone through enough trial and error and this is what makes the game similar to some of the older the games.

Final Thoughts on Gothic 2

Gothic 2 is quite the game, and players are sure to have fun while battling with orcs, dragons, and other NPCs. However, there are some control issues with the game, but if a player can get past that, they are in for a real treat with this game.