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Fallout New Vegas Review

Fallout New Vegas is one those games that hold little back and leaves very little to the imagination. If intense combat and violence float your boat then this game is sin city for you. Technically it’s based on otherly world Las Vegas so that description fits the boot. The only difference? It is set in a post-apocalyptic kind of environment. When Bethesda released Fallout 3 in 2008, no RPG fan wasn’t completely taken and awed by this game. So, it is only fitting that when it came to releasing New Vega they wouldn’t really change much. Why mess with a winning formula?

For most fans of the Fallout series, Fallout 3 was the breakout king of the RPG genre, and many were skeptical if Bethesda could do it again. Not only have they managed to do it again, but have somehow also managed to raise the bar. Which truth be told no one really thought was possible. New Vega is no Fallout 3, even though it follows the same thread that worked before.

Guns and Glory

We not going to sugar coat things, Fallout 3 was one banger of a game, however, it could at times leave an aftertaste in your mind. So when going into New Vega, we were wondering if the same moral complexities would be themes the fourth installment would provide. It’s safe to say New Vega makes Fallout 3 look like a walk in the park. Everything has been notched up. There is no more breaking out of vaults that have been sealed for hundreds of years, instead, the story is much lighter with the protagonist being a lowly delivery boy, apologies we meant courier. How does the story build? Well, he gets robbed delivering a very important Platinum Chip, the adventure basically follows him or her trying to get it back.

Like its predecessors, New Vega is all game. You can do whatever to whomever you want. There really is not a moral line that can’t be crossed in this game. The game also follows three possible outcomes, and if you don’t reload a previous save your game will end when any of the outcomes occur. New Vega is also still very violent. The fight scenes as beautifully designed and graphically amazing can at times be just over the top gruesome. Don’t get us wrong, we all appreciate a good fight, but all that blood and gore can be left out and won’t affect the thrill of the quest. That is, of course, our opinion.

Looking at other visuals and graphic traits, Bethesda has pretty much followed their own standard. It looks much better than Fallout 3 in that all the characters, not just the main ones are intricately designed. They all emit emotion and expression which helps build and continue the narrative of the story. Your interactions with other characters are always going to be entertaining and depending on whether you have chosen to be the good guy or the badass they can go either way. We highly recommend New Vega, even if it is just to get some much-needed closure or a fresh dose of your favorite video game series.