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Fallout 4 Review

The Fallout series has become one of those highly anticipated next level kind of video games. It took the developers, Bethesda a couple of years, but the waiting ended and it finally arrived. Bethesda is once again proving why they are one of the leading game developers out there today. For those of you who were obsessed with the moral conundrum that were Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vega, the latest version may just test and stretch all the ideas and opinions you had a little bit further.

The RPG universe just keeps getting better and better, and we guess the question on everybody’s mind is can the Fallout series keep up with the advancement and technical improvements happening in this genre of gaming? They certainly can hold their own. If you are new to the series then Fallout 3, as well as New Vega, might be games you want to check out before getting your hands on Fallout 4. The reason is that the story line kind of builds on the story and plotline set by its predecessors, this just happens to be 200 years later and this time instead of Washington DC or New Vega the plot has moved to the rainy and desolate Massachusetts and instead of Vault 101, your characters starts off their adventure from Vault 111.

A new adventure awaits those who are daring.

When your player, which can be either a guy or girl leaves the vault, they find themselves somewhere in the city of Boston, surrounded by wasteland, an eerie truthfully dreary atmosphere that leaves little to the imagination that war has taken over. The aftermath of radiation and other chemicals has caused mutations and all sorts of scary diseases and conditions. The state of things from the get-go is definitely no picnic. The scary part of all of this is that not only will your character have to survive, but assist in rebuilding this broken society as well as battle morality complexities of their own humanity.

Like the settings of Fallout 3, everything pretty much goes. You decide what kind of hero or possibly even villain you wish to become. It is an open ballgame, but your actions and behaviors will carry some consequences. The open world theme reigns supreme and unmatched in this game. You are basically a clean white slate and how you choose to taint this slate is all up to you. You can either be a helpful champion for reform and change or you can become a nuisance and hinder all things progressive. This game will give you the opportunities to build the character you wish to become. If being a helpful hand is more your thing, there are plenty of beggars and paupers you can give a helping hand too, if you go more the bad guy Dr. Evil route then there are plenty of people for you to shoot at, decapitate, steal from and if need be bomb up.

Similar to its predecessor, Fallout carries with it some serious violence power. And because it is still testing out the humanity moral predicament, vile and often inhumane acts can be performed. It is also a scavenger race, this is about survival. You will need to collect some equipment and machinery and build your health by eating and drinking water. It really is role-play at its best.

What we can ultimately praise the game for is its design, it carries on the torch from its predecessor. It’s a fun and thought provoking gaming experience. If Fallout 3 was your jam, then Fallout 4 will be your butter.