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Fallout 3 Review

The Fallout video game series, to put it mildly, is gruesome. The standard of the play takes up from Fallout 2 and as a player, you are often left questioning which side of the moral compass you want to represent. Every action and every move you make in this game can have some dire consequences for not only your character but any other interactions you might have.

Like its predecessor, Fallout 3 focuses on a post-apocalyptic dystopian world, where everything has pretty much gone to the dogs after a nuclear war swept through the US. Fallout three starts off with an amazing introductory as well as cinematic character creation. Seriously, you might actually forget you are waiting to play a game. The story opens up with your play character. Known simply as the Vault Dweller, who lives in Vault 101.

In the opening video monolog, Vault 101 hasn’t been opened since the war begun, it is reopened after the war is finished. After a series of events the Vault Dweller’s father opens the Vault, and an escape happens. Hereafter the adventure officially begins.

The moral predicament that is Fallout 3

If you haven’t already figured it out, this game isn’t meant for young kids. In fact, there are morality testing scenarios and moments that might have you questioning whether this game is meant for you to play. What we can say is that it draws some amazing parallel comparisons and sets up a great foundation for one to question what behavior is acceptable in specific circumstances.

Fallout 3 will have you having conversations with other people about the current state of human morality. And just when you think it cannot actually get any worse, the game gives you options to shoot and kill young kids. This idea alone leaves you with lingering thoughts.

From a graphics and design perspective, this game is brilliant. Developers Bethesda, who are new to the Fallout universe honestly couldn’t have done a better job. The characters have been given real emotions and expressions which make you relate to them even more. They have been further made relatable with the amazing writing that has been incorporated. The conversations you will have in this story thread throughout to build your storyline. Depending on your health level you can have more aggressive conversations. To say that the use of profanity is used would be an understatement. You might have to wash out your own mouth with soap after hearing your character say some of these words.

Another thing we have to rave about is the introductory story,  which is set up so beautifully. It never felt out of place but actually made the narrative of the story far more congruent. One thing we do need to mention is that this game can get very violent and graphic. There are guts spilling, and blood splattering. This is mostly because players have the option of performing all sorts of violent acts, such as dismembering of limbs and decapitated with blunt objects. Your list of weaponry is impressive, to say the least, with options ranging from guns, to knives and machetes.

All in all, this game which is available on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 is a banger of an experience. It will have you questioning your moves, experiencing the possible results of a radiated infested earth and all in all having a great time. We recommend this game for those with an anti-hero complex.