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Dark Souls 3 Review

When it comes to gaming, there are a lot of things that players should consider. One of the biggest things that a player should consider is if they want to buy a game or not. The decision process is easier if the player has read a review on the game, which is the reason that players need reviews like this Dark Souls 3 review. Dark Souls 3 has caught the attention of many players for loads of reasons. One of the reasons is that the game is just full of valleys, peaks, dungeons and castles. This game offers players the chance to explore places that they should never go and offers them an escape as well. Players will be able to battle their way in and out of the darkness trying to find pure light. Of course, along the way trying to find that light, they will stumble, but it is a game that is completely worth the thrill of the climb.

Dark Souls 3 is obviously the third in its series, and it is the dark fantasy role-playing type of game that players love to explore, although, this game is known for its horrible difficulty and also its very unforgivable way of being. Many players find that the game gives them minimal direction and also gives them very little space for error in judgement. Just as it was with the other games of the series, playing this game means that player will have to accept two extremes, which are defeat that seems to be forever recurring and the reward of getting through the game itself. Of course, this game values players that have a strong sense of perseverance and it will tear players down to the core before even thinking to pick them back up, attempting to put together the pieces of the player that it just broke, while also making up for it by giving the players a lesson that they will maybe use later on along the way.

This world that has been presented in the Dark Souls 3 game seems to be a very disconnect series of detailed locations. Some of the areas players will see are sprawled outward, while some of them are stacked up, and then there are others that just fold back and make the game seem full of neatly designed webs meant to confuse players. There is a lot that can be said to be amazing about the level design within this game. This game makes every bonfire checkpoint as important to a player asĀ  the leveling of their character is or even the defeat of a boss that was especially challenging to many. This game certainly has a way of making a player feel as though every milestone that they pass is a victory all on its own, especially when players take a look at how dangerous the world is when it is just full of prisons, swamps and even undead villages for players to battle through.

Final Thoughts on Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 can be a very intense game to play, but it certainly is worth the journey and effort put into it. All in all, this game should be at the top of every player’s list of games to play.