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Gothic l Review

Playing Gothic 1 in 2017 might feel like you have jumped into some sort of techno time travel machine back to the early 2000’s. This when you will realize how much the RPG universe has upped its game. Gothic is one of the genre’s more classic games. It has some great visuals even for a […]

Gothic 3 Review

There are some players out there that have already played the games Gothic and Gothic 2, and those players are in need of some information on the game Gothic 3, and that is why they come to articles like this Gothic 3 review. The first games in the series, Gothic and Gothic 2, gave players […]

Gothic 2 Review

There are many players out there that are interested in knowing some of the information about the game Gothic 2 and that is why players need a Gothic 2 review. The game is a single-player role-playing (try to say that 3 times fast) sequel where a player plays a character that is a hero. This […]

Fallout New Vegas Review

Fallout New Vegas is one those games that hold little back and leaves very little to the imagination. If intense combat and violence float your boat then this game is sin city for you. Technically it’s based on otherly world Las Vegas so that description fits the boot. The only difference? It is set in […]

Fallout 3 Review

The Fallout video game series, to put it mildly, is gruesome. The standard of the play takes up from Fallout 2 and as a player, you are often left questioning which side of the moral compass you want to represent. Every action and every move you make in this game can have some dire consequences […]

Fallout 4 Review

The Fallout series has become one of those highly anticipated next level kind of video games. It took the developers, Bethesda a couple of years, but the waiting ended and it finally arrived. Bethesda is once again proving why they are one of the leading game developers out there today. For those of you who […]

Dark Souls 3 Review

When it comes to gaming, there are a lot of things that players should consider. One of the biggest things that a player should consider is if they want to buy a game or not. The decision process is easier if the player has read a review on the game, which is the reason that […]

Batman Arkham City

Players everywhere are wanting more and more information on games and they are wanting this information so that they can learn what games to buy or play. That is why this Batman Arkham City review was created, to keep players informed. Alright, so every player has probably heard of the famous comic book/movie/cartoon character Batman, […]

Batman Arkham Asylum

There is a need for game reviews in the world, and the reason behind that need is the players need to know if they are will to spend both money and time on a game. That is why this Batman Arkham Asylum review was created. Obviously, players everywhere have probably read the Batman comic books, […]

Batman Arkham Knight

Players all over the world are in need of some help when it comes to games. However, the most important kind of help that they can get is the kind that they would get from a game review, which would help them decide if they are willing to pay for a game. That is why […]