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Gambling has evolved a lot in the 21st century. Today, you can experience the thrill of Vegas right at your home and win millions, while having fun. A rich and vibrant online gambling community has developed over the years, many of whom have won life-changing jackpots. But the online casino games offer much more than just gambling. It offers you 24*7 access to exciting casino games within a captivating ambiance. It offers you a vast array of games, covering different cultural and fantasy based themes.

The internet is filled to the brim with these online casinos, offering different features, and it’s hard to make a choice. This is where we come in with our comprehensive reviews of popular online casinos. We scan the online casinos inside-out through our strict rating process. There are many aspects which make up our analysis and no single casino can the best in every way. There are positive attributes as there are flaws. We serve as a link between you and these online casinos, by providing you with a wealth of information about these websites. Here are the five broad ways through which we evaluate online casinos.

Over the past decade or so the world of gambling has evolved dramatically. Bright and talented minds have come together and have married advanced technology with boundless artistry and creativity, creating user experiences that have led us into fantastic worlds. And as much magic there is out there for us to discover there is an equivalent number of misfits and gambling disasters. Our friends at Online-topcasino.com have lent us their time and expertise and have successfully tested and evaluated a myriad of games and fantasy worlds which are now waiting for you to be discovered. Look, friends and fellow gamblers, and enjoy the trip into the magical world of boundless fantasy.

Games Quality and Software Developers

The gaming experience in an online casino depends on a lot of the software developers. The presence of a robust games portfolio is the first sign of a good casino. We look not only at the number of games present, but also the quality of each game. This further depends on payout ratios, graphics, sound, ease of playing, interface, etc. We also provide information on various tests done on these games by independent rating agencies. Overall, the gaming experience remains a major weight in our evaluation process.

Design and Layout

The design and layout of the casino assume a prime importance, especially in the case of mobile gambling experience. Though there is no strict formula for defining the perfect design, we analyze a casino’s design based on simplicity, ease of navigation, and its overall facade.


Every online casino offers generous welcome bonuses, which boosts up your deposits. While most casinos double up your initial deposit as extra credit, you can sometimes expect to triple and even quadruple your initial deposit. This lets you explore the online casino thoroughly and also multiply your winnings by several times. We will give you detailed information and explain the bonus terms and conditions with clarity and simplicity.

License and Legality

The huge shift toward indoor gambling has opened a wave of fraudulent companies, trying to cheat genuine gamblers. Hence, we keep a hawk’s eye on the licenses possessed by a casino and their validity. Even though online casinos carry licenses, still many find dubious ways to cheat the clients. This is where we come in, to meticulously review each and every online casino for you, so you can get a better idea of the casino. Our reviews are based on years of collective experience in the industry and close inspections of the casino’s terms and conditions.


Veteran gamblers will know that some online casinos tend to lag, which causes concentration loss. Sometimes, the lagging intensifies during peak gambling hours We test the website by running the top-quality game on various kinds of device to get an idea of its load-carrying capacity. We also check for security features like SSL encryption, accounts audit reports from rating agencies, payment gateway security, customer support, etc.

We welcome you to take a look at the world of gambling through our eyes.

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